Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Porsche GT2 RS: The Widowmaker is Back for Revenge!

New pics of the Upcoming GT2 RS have been revealed. The range topping $200K 911 that was known for neck snapping thrust and an edgy handling characteristics is back and in "renn-sport" form. Porsche Surprises us with this tweaked 620hp version. That is more power than the Carrera GT.

The 2011 GT2 RS is now differentiated with many "Look at Me" options that debuted on the most recent GT3RS. The major exterior changes are the center-locking wheels, front add on fender extensions and a very "ricer style" exposed carbon fiber hood; not to mention the mirrors, side vent are also made of the lightweight material. The majority of these parts are directly from the Porsche parts bin save for the hood and the newly designed rear bumper cover. The original 997 GT2 rear bumper was a very aggressive design, but looked a bit like someone took a blade to the rear and sliced it as many times as possible. The new RS rear bumper design is cleaner and features a more harmonious wrap around vent design. The character crease line angles upwards removing some of the rear blocky-ness that the original 997 GT2 had. The LED taillights also ad to a more refined apeal. Come to the front of the car and we see a more shapley and aggressive front lip that is styled with numerious indentations in the center to exemplify the change.

The Interior is clad in contrasting leather and Altcantara with the same one peice seats seen on the Carrera GT, however as always the US versions will be specified with the folding Sport Bucket seats seen on the New GT3. The door Panels share the same "Boxster style" door panels that the GT3 RS has complete with red pull strap in order to save weight instead of the plastic door pull mechanism. The interior will be loaded with all the standard creature compforts that Porsche affords its GT cars, but will it be as incredibly detail oriented with mindblowing materials and craftsmanship a la the limited Sport Classic 911...probably not!

Many mk1 997 GT2s sat on dealership lots for months on end and in fact were even discounted heavily in order to convince buyers that the $60K + premium justified basicly a Turbo with 2wd, 2 seats, flashy Aero kit, GT3-esque chassis and not to mention a 530hp version of the Twin Turbo Charged 3.6 liter GT1 engine block. This is a great package out of the box, but since many Turbo owners were tuning their cars for cheaper and even exceeding the GT2s specs; the appeal for the 997 GT2 was reserved for those who fell in love with large fixed wing, creative badgeneering or loved the latest and greatest from Stuttgart and had cash to burn. After the raging magazine battles with the LP-560 and F430 the 997 GT2 slowly fell to become the garage queens of thier very proud owners or put up on the aution block for the price of a well optioned Turbo.

Now that the dust has settled and the new 2010 DFI 3.8 equipped Turbo has taken the throne as the fastest 911 in the lineup and the GT2 seemed to have been an overpriced under appreciated monster that could not have been tamed on the track nor even as the niche product it intended to be. This limited 30o unit GT2 RS will no doubt be sold out and the performance will for sure be the new standard but whether be worth the $300K or even $150K the next year when the upcoming 991 comes is yet to be known. To the untrained eye the rakish Carbon hood and small "GT2 RS" decal on the lower door with be what tells the story of this beast. This car yet again proves that the marketing and engineering generous in Stuttgart can yet again rearrange some parts laying around slap on the cult status "RS" title and charge whatever they please. With this car is the performance does the widow you the price will!

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